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If you’ve ever entered into a Credit Repair process you may know there are different companies that use varying methods to remove negative items.

One of the most used in the United States is by Lexington Law.  However, it’s not the most effective nor the fastest.  Their process is slow and costly.

I speak with dozens of people frustrated by their process each week.  The reality is that you don’t have to only dispute 3-4 items at one time, you can actually work on all negative items.  There are no “red flags” that start flying when you do this.  You are simply told this as a sales tactic to make you pay more to them over time.

Our credit repair process is designed with a time component included.   Our Rapid Rescoring along with our Credit Repair processes are the fastest way to raise your credit scores.  It’s not just removing bad credit that raises your scores, it’s also properly managing your good credit accounts.  If you don’t have any good credit accounts, we need to add those positive trade lines to show banks you are now a good credit risk.

My consulting work is not only in the arena of credit reporting and scores, it’s also in the mortgage process as well.  As a Sr. Loan Officer and Production Manager for multiple mortgage banks and mortgage brokers from 1998-2010, I gained extensive knowledge of the mortgage loan process and also manage departments of loan officers.  There are pitfalls to look out for when dealing with a weak loan officer.  They tend to leave out details that can ensure smooth loan processing and also closing your loan on time.  I can brief you on what too look out for.



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