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Quick Credit Tips for 2017



There are many resources for credit tips out there, they come from family, friends, professionals, and the internet.  Some are useful, others are simply myths.

I’m starting a new blog series that will be quick and factual tips on how to improve or maintain a good credit score.  They will be easy and to the point tips to introduce into your credit habits so that you can help yourself to a higher credit score.


Today’s Quick Tip:

Pay down your credit card balances.  Credit card balances can raise or lower your credit score significantly.  They control 165 points on the FICO scale.

It’s best to carry no more than 10% of your credit limit (example- $100 balance on a $1,000 limit) on your credit cards over a billing cycle.  Low credit card utilization conveys responsible credit usage.


If you have specific credit questions, feel free to contact me at my office to discuss and problem solve your credit issues.

Jason Hall

President and Certified Credit Expert

Direct- 949.505.9971

Mobile- 808.633.5023

Fax- 866.567.8054



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