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What’s a good website to pull my credit report and score?


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There are dozens of websites on the internet that you can pull your credit report and score, but which is the best and the worst?

Credit Karma (free)  – remember that old saying “good isn’t free, and free isn’t good” ?  I find this the case with Credit Karma.  This website is an advertising site for credit cards, mortgage loans, credit repair, auto loans, etc..  Credit Karma gets paid by it’s advertisers when you click on ads.  You may not think it’s a big deal, but this website will mislead you to encourage you to view the site.  They will send you false email alerts that your credit report information has changed.

Example- I received an email alert that my credit card limit was reduced from Credit Karma.  So I log into Credit Karma to see which account they’re claiming the issue (putting me in font of their advertisers).  I call my credit card bank and ask if they’d reduced my limit, and they hadn’t.  This is just one example, I have clients that say they’ve receive email alerts about missed car payments reporting which were also false.

Also, their credit scores are “Vantage Scores”.  They can be higher than a “FICO Score” which most banks use to qualify you for credit.  Be careful.

Privacy Guard (pay site) – Privacy Guard has to be one of my favorite websites for credit reports and scores.  Their credit scores are “CreditXpert Scores” which are fairly similar to a “FICO Score”.  This site will allow you to update your scores and credit reports every 30 days.  They also have a handy “what if” credit score simulator that projects where your scores will go based upon certain actions (paying off credit cards, making payments on time, etc..).   Their credit reports are easy to read and understand.  Many websites put too much information on your report that makes it difficult to understand the report.  Privacy Guard’s reports are nice and neat.

MyFICO (pay site) –  MyFICO is the only website on the internet that you can obtain a “FICO score” that will be the same score that your mortgage lender, auto finance, or credit card bank will use to appove/deny you for credit.  This site and many versions of credit scores that are used in various industries.  Not all credit scores are created the same.  A mortgage FICO score will take into consideration your total credit profile where as an auto FICO score will weigh more on installment loan history.

The main drawback about this site is that it’s expensive.  Since MyFICO has the exclusive types of FICO scores, they charge a higher fee to see them.  Their current price for all 3 scores and reports are $59.85.  Most credit monitoring sites cost around $20-$30 per month.


For more information about your credit report and scores, contact me direct.

Jason Hall

President and Certified Credit Expert

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