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What is Rapid Rescore?


Good morning,

There are many ways to increase your credit scores and one of the fastest is a process called “Rapid Rescore”.  This process originated in the mortgage industry decades ago and is still being used to a limited extent.


Rapid Rescore is actually misleading, the process doesn’t re-calculate your credit scores, it adjusts account information so that when a credit report is pulled it generates a higher credit score.

An example of this would be a credit card balance update.  If your credit card balances are reporting to the credit bureaus higher than 30% of the limit, it’s lowering your scores.  So when you pay down your card, a Rapid Rescore would update that balance in a few days.  Once the balance is updated at the credit bureaus, and you re-pull a credit report, the lower utilization percentage on the revolving account raises your credit scores.

Another example would be the deletion of a negative item such as a collection account.  When a collection account is either updated to show paid or even better, deleted.  It can have a very large positive impact to your credit scores.  At time of payment of the collection, it’s always good practice to request a deletion of the collection.  Some collection companies will do this for you.  If so, ask for a letter stating this.  With this letter the collection account can be removed from your credit report (never to return) with a Rapid Rescore.  It can take up to 3 months for the collection company to remove.

So as you can see, a Rapid Rescore can make changes to account information at the credit bureaus in a short amount of time to raise your credit scores.


Here’s a master list of our most popular Rapid Rescore requests:

  • Updating credit card balances when paid down
  • Removing collection accounts or updating to show paid, $0 past due
  • Removing late payments reporting in error
  • Removing IRS tax liens once paid (IRS allows the removal now)
  • Removing Authorized User accounts

If you would like a free consultation on how you can successfully raise your credit scores in just days, feel free to contact my office direct.


Jason Hall

Certified Credit Expert


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